Luxury villas with modern, bright furnishings
Private dock in close proximity to through waterways
In the middle of the Frisian lake district


Discover the peace and quiet of Frisian nature

Would you like to know more about the specific characteristics of each Water Lodge, or book it directly? Below you will find detailed information about rental options and equipment levels. 

The Waterlodges all have a spacious garden with a dock located near Heegermeer and waterways. So you can quickly enjoy the cosiness and views of Heegermeer and the Fluessen, and easily discover the beautiful pools and ditches behind.

From April to November, a whisper quiet electric sloop, suitable for up to 8 people, is available to book with every Waterlodge rental! Sail to the village for a drink or to the bakery for fresh rolls in the morning? Anything is possible. A day trip to explore Friesland's beautiful lake district is also a silent sensation with this sloop!