Wide choice of 4-6-8 person bungalows
Comfortable Family House
In the center of the Frisian Lake District
Bookable with boat, sloop or sup


Heeg is situated in the center of the Frisian Lakes region. Conveniently located in the south-western corner of the Elfstedenroute. Close to Sneek  to the northern shore of Heegermeer which in turn adjoins the Fluessen and Morra. The sailing area of ​​Friesland.


Heeg has a rich history. The monumental buildings and old, historic houses are proof of that. From way back, Heeg was a prosperous eel village (which is why Heeg's coat of arms depicts an eel). The fish was even exported abroad from Heeg. This went so well that until 1938 the Heeger eel fishermen had their own mooring on the Thames, near Tower Bridge.

Water sports place

Heeg is one of the most popular water sports towns in Friesland. The many sailing schools, marinas, boat rental companies and other water sports-related businesses are located here for a reason! Heeg is ideal as a starting or ending point for a trip on the Frisian Lakes. Whether you choose to sail or motorboat: Heeg is the ideal starting point. But also by land, by bicycle, walking or motorized, it is fantastic to discover the surroundings. Heeg has it all.

Plenty to do in Heeg

Heeg is bustling. Especially in the summer season many events are organized. The Skûtsjesilen is a well-known example. During the Heechsimmer Festival, various bands play on a floating stage and there are also regular fairs. Heeg has an extensive summer activities program for young and old. Tip from AanhetWater: on Thursday evening, sail with the Korneliske Ykes II. This is a reconstruction of an old eel barge from 1872.

Horeca in Heeg

Heeg is not to be sneezed at in the culinary field either. In the village you will find many nice and cozy restaurants. In many cases Frisian regional products are the basis of the dishes. Furthermore, there are cozy pubs, a disco and nice terraces.

Heeg: a place to come back to. Will you come and discover it for yourself?